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Bringing musical theatre shows to children in hospitals while teaching choreography that is secretly composed of therapeutic exercises.

The hospital is an amazing place of healing and recovery, however it is not always a magical place for children. What child would not love a visit from their favorite prince or princess? The goal of Fairytale Physical Therapy (FTPT) is to bring the joy of movement and song to children who are currently in the kingdom of the ill.


With physical therapy co-founders, we know how important early mobilization, quality of life and general physical activity is for hospital patients. As theater performers, we know the joy breaking out into song can bring to an audience. We aim to bring this magic to you.


Our shows are customizable for different spaces and hospital populations. From full on shows on a stage to smaller readings in a playroom to in-room visits from costumed characters, FTPT will work with you to create a magical day.


Contact us today to find out how to bring a little pixie dust your way! 

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